I’m thrilled to announce the launch of my new menswear label, Bonvivants!

Bonvivants is like a Brooks Brothers or Ralph Lauren for the Instagram generation. We’re injecting a sense of fun into classic American sportswear. Bonvivants is a luxury brand that doesn’t take itself too seriously. We celebrate universally appealing themes such as family, summertime, and nostalgia for the good old days.

I was inspired to start this brand as a reaction to the uniformity and lack of choice in men’s sportswear. Bonvivants gives guys permission to have some fun and express their individuality. Think about it — menswear can be very uniformy. Everyone has the same logo on their shirt, be it a polo player or crocodile. In a subtle way, we’re allowing men to have some fun with their clothing choices. But still look suitable for all types of life situations. Really, I’m just creating the clothes that I want to wear!

Bonvivants is handmade in NYC’s Garment District using the highest quality Japanese piqué cotton fabric. There is a scrupulous attention to fit, in contrast to many of the mass-market preppy brands, which run baggy. We are tailored to perfection. Our cut is especially flattering!

Bonvivants launched with a line of emoji-inspired cross stitch polos, with cross stitch oxford shirts coming soon!

Be sure to visit the site: bonvivantsny.com.

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